Retro Game Music

Everything was better in the 80s – especially the music! That's why we create new music in the style of the best decade ever!

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Put Drake into a DeLorean…

…and listen to what his hit "Hotline Bling" would have sounded like in the 80s! We also created a fantastic music video faithfully imitating all of Drake's awesome dance moves!

Original C64 SID sound is awesome!

We don't shy away from using original 80s gear. Listen to the unbelievable bite and power the C64 SID still has today! (Recorded live at Gamescom 2015, Germany)

At Your Service


From old chip tunes to full orchestra soundtracks.


Baaaaang, Tok Tok, Boooom, Zzzziiing

Interactive Audio

Because game music is very different from movie scores.

Voice Overs

Professional voices to bring your characters to life.

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